With over 15 years of experience, and a strong background in art that she got from her father, Mary LaVecchia is ready to work with you.

“Growing up my father was an artist, so there were always paintings or sketches being done. My dad always thought that art made a home. It gave it personality. From that it made me go and take every art related class I could get my hands on. Anything from wood shop to metal to sculpting. I even studied photography for two years,” Mary said.

She originally started freelancing in interior design and photography, until Rachel Kapner, the President of Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors, said she wanted her to come on board.

“As a young mom I was doing photography for people and I met Rachel. She really made me excited and made me want to be a designer with CW&I. She made it easy for me to make my schooling and my training into a career. I guess she saw some real possibility in me,” she saw proudly.

Rachel couldn’t be happier to have Mary on board still.

“Mary is a seasoned professional who will transform any space into a memorable place,” Rachel said.

Maybe the reason that Rachel saw something is because of the relationship that Mary has with her clients.

“I love the interaction I have with my clients. For me, listening and then creating an environment that best reflects each client’s individual tastes and lifestyle is my greatest reward. Every project is unique with special requirements. I try to give everybody the time and attention that I would want in my own home. I want them to be as happy as I would want to be. In the end, I want every home to have a signature of it’s own and reflect my clients individual design styles and personalities,” Mary said passionately.

Mary explained that she actually learns everything she needs to know by having a good conversation with her clients.

“I am pulling together all their thoughts, tastes, and they might not even know what that is. Through a conversation you hear things about what they like and the customer doesn’t even realize they are doing it. Just by looking around and hearing them talk, I get a feeling of who they are and a sense of their style. You like metal, you’re more contemporary, anything. That’s where I pick up all my clues. Through a really good conversation, I find out everything I need to know,” she said.

Mary says that she is never unhappy, because her job allows her to be surrounded by the thing that makes her happiest, her art.

“I get to do my art, my craft! All day long I am surrounded by beautiful things that make me happy. I’m in my element. However, the best thing about my job is get I to meet amazing people and create something new everyday. It’s important for me to be surrounded by design and color. If you looked at me as an artist, my fabrics and furniture are my paint and paintbrush and I create a new painting everyday. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by their art?”