The originality of timber is incomparable to anything else, and that is why timber is a material which can easily become a part of the heritage, style, fashion, class, and status. When you are planning to install doors in your new home or mansion, then it’s time you do some nice research work on the various materials available, and select wisely. Timber doors are the most traditional doors, which can easily decorate your house, and you can easily do some intricate designs on these doors by hiring some carpenters. Apart from that, you can also buy some customized timber doors from the manufacturer’s outlet, and you can also go for the readymade timber doors.

timber doors

What are the benefits of timber doors?

You would get many ideas from door manufacturers, sellers, designers and friends. Some would advocate the use of engineered wood, while some would say aluminum would be good. Though every material has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, real benefits, and thus a set of dedicated fan following, you cannot disregard the unfathomable style, durability and economy, which comes with the use of timber.

Why use timber for door frames?

Modern architecture does not advocate the total blocking of sight using solid timber doors. Rather the modern architects and designers advise the use of door frames with glasses, which can give you unlimited view of the outer space, and allow natural light to come in.

You may fit in glass or fiber glass as you want in the door frame or may set a grill too. You may also get a full opaque door for other door needs inside the building. Both frames and solid blocks are hence available these days, and they are made of really good high quality timber.

timber door

Now why you would use timber has many answers and the best ones are:

  • Timber has its own natural strength, which helps it endure a wide range of impacts and pressures, and yet persist the strains and survive for years. Hence once a door is installed and maintained with a little care as application of paint coats after a few years intermittently, it will go on and on and on.
  • Timber doors can be colored to any hue as you would like as per the theme and color of your property.
  • Timber asks for minimum maintenance. You can also color these doors after a certain time and you can polish the timber doors to make them as new as earlier. Apart from that, you can also refinish these doors and reuses the timber for making some new doors in future.
  • The natural color and texture of timber is a great show, and a simple varnish on it will give you great style to flaunt.
  • Undoubtedly timber is one of the most eco-friendly materials for doors.
  • Timber is a natural insulator, thus giving you no warm or cold surfaces to get a temperature shock in any season.
  • You can get great designs sculpted on the material and hence timber wins for this flexibility over all other door making materials.

The designs you may get in timber doors

The timber doors come in a variety of designs. Fixed doors, sliding doors, casing doors all are available in timber. In fact, whatever style you wish can be custom made. And nowadays many timber door manufacturers actually sell really great readymade doors in standard sizes in such designs, which the modern designers and architects highly prefer.

You may get a carpenter to make you a door as you prefer. But with the high demand for completing projects on time, most people prefer readymade doors which can be instantly bought and installed without wasting your valuable time.

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