Today the market has so many window options such as Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass and fibrex, wooden case windows, etc. for you to choose for your home. You can choose whichever of the type is more convenient to you, yet new wooden case windows are being much sought after and increasing in popularity.

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Most people prefer wooden case windows because of their distinct aesthetic value and being timeless in its appeal. Wood has an element of royalty that charms the atmosphere of your home. Also there is nothing that can beat wooden case windows when it comes to durability.

A solidly constructed wood case window will last around 40 years with bare minimum maintenance. You can increase the life span by oiling them or with other restorative treatments. Most of the people find them agreeable than the PVC-U frames which fade and go yellow over a short period.

The wooden case windows are environment-friendly, good looking, thermally efficient, etc., compare to other materials like PVC-U. They have the property to reduce the co2 and whereas PVC-U window releases harmful chemicals.

Wood case windows can be constructed from timber, oak or pine, but people prefer timber wood case windows as they act as nature insulator. They keep the home temperature comfortable. But you can’t just skip its maintenance as no chemicals are used to make them, so these windows need maintenance to keep them in good condition. For the maintenance, you don’t need to buy those expensive chemicals, but varnish and paint. These are the two things required to keep timber wood case windows new.

Why choose timber wooden case windows

Timber wooden case windows give your home a classic touch from both inside and outside. Many people still have wooden windows at their home though many have switched to PVC-U so as to avoid painting and other maintenance costs. Wood requires painting to prevent rotting and mold formation.

The best quality of timber wood is its natural grain, which adds years onto the lifespan of the window and also keeps the home warm during winters unlike PVC-U, vinyl, aluminum, etc., windows.

New Wooden Cases Windows

Now, the question that might come to mind of users still buying wooden case windows, is the advantage over PVC-u, Vinyl, aluminum windows. The most important one is its capability to resist the effects of environmental factors like sun rays, rains, storms, winter etc.

Though wooden windows can be much more expensive than other counterparts, many consumers still prefer wooden case windows for the traditional look, but still, high-performance wood case windows are those that are not necessarily more expensive. However, they come in many different kinds you can get either maple which is the cheapest wood for window cases, or mahogany which is the costliest.

All of the above makes good sense, but when it comes to windows, nothing looks as good as wood also when you can be assured that you wooden windows are going to last for longer than any other counterparts.

With so many options available for window materials in the market, you can make the best choice for the new wooden cases windows in your home, depending on your requirements and budget. Moreover, there are many retail stores who sell windows of standard as well as custom sizes that are handcrafted. So unlike some years before, you don’t have to run around for wood and carpenters to install wooden windows any longer.