At times, you wish for peace and quiet after your hectic day at work, but some outdoor sound nags you and ruins your nap, and so ruins your evening. Such outdoor sounds, apart from being annoying, also isn’t good for your health. However, quite fortunately, you can now soundproof your doors and it is quite affordable too.


Here Are Some Reasons Why People Install Sound Proofing Doors in Their House:

You Are Working from Home
If you are working from your home, you will require a quiet space to complete your work. If you have pets, loud neighbours, or young children then you might have problems in concentrating on your work. This can be overcome if you soundproof your office doors. This is especially important if you use technical instrument for your work. If video recording, voice overs, composition, or making video is a part of your job then you should definitely have a soundproof door.

You have Loud Neighbours
It might so happen that your neighbours are pretty loud and if you are in close proximity with the neighbours then you might feel disturbed by the noise that they create. In fact, the noise can even make it difficult to relax in your own home. If you soundproof the doors of the house, you will not have to worry about the noise. If you soundproof the doors, you will feel comfortable at home, once again.

You have Space for Entertainment
If you have an entertainment space like a home theatre or a play room, installing sound proof doors can prove to be of great advantage. This can convert the entertainment space into a comfortable area for you, as well as your family members. Once you have soundproofed the doors, you will not have to look for headphones to watch an action movie or play a game.

You Play Music
Both professional and amateur musicians need soundproof doors in order to play their music. However, what is music to you can be disturbance for others. In such a case, you can install soundproof doors. This way you can make sure that your music practice is not disturbing the neighbours. Also, m keeps outside noise from penetrating into the room. This will help you to practice music in peace.
How to Make an Interior Door Soundproof?
Soundproofing an interior door such as an apartment or a bedroom door is actually a non-destructive process. This can practically be applied to any door in the house. Here are some steps that you need to follow when you install sound proofing doors.

  • Firstly, you have to check the weather-stripping that is already attached to the frame of the door. If it has weather-stripping, then you need to consider how snug the seal is. If it does not have good compression seal, it might be better to remove the old stripping foam and use some good quality density foam.
  • Now, peel off the adhesive liner from the tape and apply it adequately over the horizontal and vertical surface of the frame. The door needs to compress against the foam. This will offer a better soundproof door and noise will not pass through it easily.
  • Thereafter, check the bottom of the door. If there is gap underneath, then you have to apply a soundproofing sweep kit. This will block the sound from going into the other room. There is high density foam seal in the door sweep which press strongly against the door.

Do not forget to check the kind of door that you are dealing with. A solid metal or wooden door will transmit less sound than hollow core door. In such cases, you will have to add on some mass to the interior surface, this will help in absorbing the sound and dampening it.