Tallow Wood is a classic Australian timber variant found in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland.  It is widely used for being extremely hard, durable and suitable for various applications. It offers an extremely unique timber colour that ranges from dark yellow to olive green and even a whitish colour based on the nature of the timber. Tallow wood timber is recognized to have an oily or greasy surface appearance.

Known for its durability and long-life expectancy that ranges from 30-40 years, Tallow wood is an excellent choice for any outdoor woodwork. It also effectively fights decay and can withstand perennially wet or damp conditions without any change in texture. It is no wonder then that tallow wood timber is the preferred choice across various states in Australia for most outdoor woodwork including bridge construction, fencing, landscaping, and railway sleepers among many others. In fact, tallow wood timber also finds applications in areas of industrial manufacturing, agricultural machinery, boat building and other such products which require sturdy, robust timber solutions.

Contrary to popular belief, tallow wood is also used for decorative purposes for its distinct colour and unique lustre features.  Applying of Tallow Wood will add beauty and lasting effect to your garden and outdoor furniture. Due to its grease or lustre feature, tallow wood can be easily worked on with simple hand tools, making it a favourite for craftsmen, carvers and wood sculptors. It is also receptive to paints and polish, giving manufacturers an opportunity to make creative design furniture using tallow wood.

As tallow wood timber is resistant to varying climactic conditions and moisture, it is often used in external cladding works to make any structure sturdy and durable. Due to its receptivity to paint, these external claddings can also be painted upon, significantly lending to the aesthetic appeal and beauty of the finished product without any problem. These qualities also make tallow wood an apt choice for fencing. It also provides a considerable grip to nails, metal fasteners and fittings.

While tallow wood is mainly used in the outdoor applications namely fencing, external woodwork and outdoor furniture, it is also increasingly finding its footing in indoor flooring, decorative walls and other interior settings too. This is largely because it is a warm timber and provides insulation from external weather conditions. Its varying colour hues are also a favourite among interior designers and décor consultants for its unique natural colours of white, olive greens and even rare pinks and reds. Its coarse and bristly texture makes it a perfect choice for interior décor themes that range from rocky, rough or rugged.

Tallow wood timber is also a commonly found addition to timber joinery products that bring together various forms of timber with different colour and texture. These joinery products adorn the walls of stylish interior spaces or form artwork pieces that are used as décor items to add a sense of style to interior design projects.

While the adoption of tallow wood timber is fairly limited in comparison to other timber options such as maple, oak and teakwood, it is indeed finding many customers who have a taste for something different and unique. Also, since tallow wood timber is mainly found in wet regions along the Australian coast, it has not found many customers from other countries.

Irrespective, tallow wood is a great option not only from a cost perspective but also from an aesthetic and durability viewpoint. It is making long-pending inroads into the interior décor ecosystem and is finally getting its due as a timber for all seasons. Consult a design specialist on how you can use tallow wood in and out of your home effectively.