Ceiling lights are costly, but they make the most beautiful decoration if you want to make the look of the house very classic. These days, Barrisol ceilings are in the latest trend due to the extraordinary finished looks they provide. You can further enhance their beauty and looks by installing Barrisol lightingin them. This wonderful option is the best idea to get your place decorated and make the ambience of the room pleasantly appealing.

Here Are A Few Options with Which You Can Decorate Your Barrisol Ceiling with The Help of Lighting:

#1. Frosted lights:

Make the use of a heat safe frosted glass for the lights to coat the glass in different colours. This gives a frosted spray view. You can also create an array of frosted patterns on the glass to give a mute light. This can make the Barrisol lighting way more beautiful.

#2. Acid-Etched Lights:

With this solution, you can create patterns on the outside of the lights and set the lights with swag in them. You can find a myriad of etching products both online and offline. Many products come with a design template book, which can give you good suggestion to decorate the lights in a pleasing way. You can choose from the designs from there or even take some ideas to make it more creative.

 #3. Sand-Etched Lights:

Just like the acid-etched lights, these lights also give a frosted view, and the finish is more of etching on the glass. You can create way deeper patterns on your Barrisol lighting that can work miracles on the decoration.

#4. Painted Lights:

You can also make the use of several techniques and punch it up with your decorative creativities to produce something very nice. Use the decorative glasses and put the desired effects in them using paint. You can also enhance your Barrisol lighting by making it vibrant in different colors of paint. To make them appealing, you may make the use of many colours to make them look attractive.

#5. Hardware Decor:

You can also change the look of your Barrisol ceiling by replacing the normal hardware fixtures with designer Barrisol lighting. You may choose to make a contrasting match or a normal match in your pre-existing decoration. For instance, if you have a hanging lamp with a chain, then you can make the use of handmade silk flowers or some designs on the chain which go well with the complete decoration.

#6. Chandeliers:

These are the sort of hanging lights which can never be out of trend. By the addition of little lamp designs, or something sort of that, the look is made more natural so that it can go well with the whole look of the place. This also brings a major difference in the look of your Barrisol ceiling. You can even be creative by choosing the colour and then spraying some paint on the chandeliers to make them match with the metallic version of your fixtures. Most people tend to choose colours such as blue, pink, golden, off-white etc., however the choice largely depends on your personal preferences.

#7. Bulbs:

If you want to bring a dramatic effect in your ceiling decoration, then you can make the use of bulbs as well. This will make a brighter appearance and bolder space in your ceiling, due to which you will see anotable difference in the whole appearance of your room.

All the Barrisol lighting options lights mentioned above can help you get an elegant view and change the ambience of your room with ease. You can make use of these lights and many more, but you must be cautious while working with them. If you are not sure, it’s wise to call professionals to get your job done.