Andrea Daly and Kristin Badolato, better known as AndreaKristin Design Team, are two women in their late 20’s trying to pave their own path in the design industry. Both have Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Kean University, an award winning Interior Design program, but they didn’t meet while attending college together.

“We were working for different designers and now we both work for Rachel Kapner, the President of Creative Wallcoverings & interiors”, Kirstin said.

“I was already interning with Rachel, so I guess it was kind of fate that we met,” Andrea said. “For us, beginning our AndreaKristin journey at CW&I was a great opportunity as it is one of NJ’s leading interior design firms.  With a beautiful 8,000 sq. ft. design showroom & library, they set themselves apart from the rest.”

Andrea & Kristin formed a team in 2012 and have since moved up within the design world.

“Working as a design team we’re able to bounce creative ideas off one another and it really pushes us to explore different design solutions and ultimately conclude with what we feel is the perfect design balance,” Andrea said.

The two use their own style and flair to create the perfect project every time.

“Our design styles balance each other. I’m a little bit more contemporary, and Kristin is a bit more transitional,” Andrea explained.

“We definitely compliment each other,” Kristin noted.

“Since we were classically trained, we can appreciate traditional design styles but we are also on top of the latest interior design trends.  The two of us are open minded and can relate to clients of varying ages as well as varying tastes,” Kristin said.

Rachel Kapner sees a lot of potential in her newest designers.

“Because they are from a different generation, they bring a new and innovative approach to design. With their knowledge and use of technology, they are able to present design ideas in a whole new way which helps the clients visualize their project from start to finish,” Rachel explained.

With more than 10 years combined at CW&I Kristin and Andrea have the knowledge and experience to create exquisite interiors.