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Punch for punch, designer wallcoverings in NJ may be one of the most important, integral aspects of an overall interior design. The walls represent the largest surface area in any room; they frame the space and contribute the most elemental effect of influence on how that space is perceived.

For instance, vertical patterned or striped wallpaper will give the illusion of raising the ceiling and opening up the room height-wise. Conversely, horizontal designs, as well as certain molding choices will lengthen out the room in a “railroading” effect, or make it seem wider. Certain diagonals will create the senses of motion and direction.

Of course, those are just the broadest strokes. In the hands of an experienced designer, these effects and many others can be used in conjunction with each other, and with the other aspects of the interior design, to create the desired vision of a client.

Other broad strokes to take into account are pattern type, size and rhythm, and color. A bold, closely repeated pattern will effectively change the overall hue of the room, lightening it will widen the space; darkening it will give more of a cozy feel – again, in the most general sense. Then there is also texture to consider and reflective qualities, and the fascinating continuum of opportunities they each offer.

We’ve come a long way since wallpaper hit the mass market in 1785, and there is a lot to consider. But don’t be overwhelmed by possibilities. In them lies the freedom, and CW&I is always here to help guide you through.

When clients team up with the CW&I designers, they gain unprecedented access not only to the infinite world of custom-created, customized, and sourced materials and furnishings, but also to the knowledge and know-how necessary to bring it all together.

Over 30 years of experience has established CW&I’s reputation through ongoing relationships with satisfied clients, and it allows us to stand behind every design we create.

We do not rush, we do not charge by the hour, we do not run a retail store. We are an elite team of interior designers ready when you are to bring you on a journey to truly complete and beautiful interior design.

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